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The Historical Backbone of Scripture

EDIT: Updated reading PDF for 2013.

I like reading through my Bible every year. And since it is the turn of the year, I’m sure I’m not alone and many of you are selecting your plan or have done so. But I wonder if others have just determined that they’ll struggle through the same old list and risk passing out in February when Leviticus hits. (Don’t dis my favorite OT book, but I understand the problem.) So if anyone is looking for a Bible reading plan for the new year that’s a little different, but still covers the Bible in a year I offer up my Historical Backbone of Scripture plan.

Last year I worked through a kludged replica of Prof. Grant Horner’s reading plan.  I found it a bit daunting for my own style of devotions and soon felt like I was laboring to keep up rather than enjoying God’s word. That is the wrong state of mind. So I set out to change that.

The Historical Backbone of Scripture

I scaled Prof. Horner’s plan back quite a bit and built one I simply call “The Historical Backbone of Scripture.”  The plan consists of six divisions; and for my purposes represents the 66 books of the protestant canon.