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My Transition from an iPhone to Android: Part 1-Purchase Experience

About two weeks ago, I did what was, for me, the unthinkable. I parted ways with my iPhone 4 and switched to an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note II to be exact).

What makes it a shocker to me is the fact that the iPhone was the only smartphone (and cell phone for that matter) I ever owned. Unlike those who in the past used Blackberrys or Windows Mobile phones or even some other form of phone before the iPhone, I’ve been a “one phone person” my entire life, and my phone of choice has always been the iPhone.

And rightly so. Everyone knows me as a die hard Apple fan, using Macs since early 2006 (and waiting to switch to a Mac even before then). I switched to the Mac at a time before Macs became popular (and people thought I was crazy to switch to a Mac), so it obviously made sense to be an iPhone user as well. Apple and I have had a solid bond for years. One could even say I’ve had Apple juice coursing through my system.

Alas, the bond between Apple and I has severely begun to weaken, and the result of what occurred two weeks ago is proof of it.

Here’s why. Over the past couple of years, my pleasant experience with Apple has begun to sour. I’ve had more than my share of issues with both my Macs and my iPhone. I’ve spent countless trips to the Apple Store in Buford, Georgia, on hardware repairs, and now that I’m back in Arkansas, I’ve made a few trips to our Little Rock Apple Store for repairs as well.

My Transition from an iPhone to Android: Part 2-The Hardware

In Part 1 of my series on why I switched from an iPhone to Android (Samsung Galaxy Note II to be exact), I explained the background to why I made the switch, as well as my general purchasing experience purchasing the Note II at my local Sam’s Club.

In Part 2, I want to focus on a solid review of the Samsung Galaxy Note II’s hardware, why I chose it as my phone of choice, as well as how well it stacks up against the iPhone and other popular Android phones on the market.