Daily Archives: July 30, 2013

Microscopic Praise

Do you suppose Willard Wigan would get massively ticked off if people started marveling over the complexity of design demonstrated in his works of art and then blithely attribute them to manufacturing faults caused at the sewing needle factory? Scientists do nothing less when they examine the macro-complexity of the universe – staring at the heavens through ever increasingly complex technology and then to the thundering applause of others declare that they have discovered proof of evolution out there. Ask almost any first year micro-biology student about the complexity of the cell and even of a single bacterium and you might get a long lecture explaining the inner workings of what they’ve been learning. But we wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear in the midst of the sentence, some randomly laced attributions to the wonder of almighty evolution in producing such machinery. A few years ago Michael Behe wrote a book examining the concept of “irreducible complexity” (the concept that the bio-mechanical inner workings of cells are too complex to be explained by evolution). His book “Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution” sold quite a few copies. While I haven’t read Behe’s work (yet) I do agree with the thesis. The overwhelming complexity, beauty and yes irreducible […]

On Heresy

Mark Driscol over at The resurgence writes in Now the Mainline Churches Make Sense As he and his son passed a “liberal mainline church” his son asked what the beliefs of that church were. and I told him they do not believe people are sinners, do not believe the Bible is to be taken literally but is more like a fantasy video game, do not believe you need Jesus to go to heaven, and do believe that being gay is cool with Christ. For a minute he looked like a dog that had just heard a high-pitched whistle and there was an awkward silence as he waited for me to say I was just kidding. After a few moments he could tell I was being serious and then said, “That is the exact opposite of what God says in the Bible. How can they still call themselves a church? They should get another name because they’re just confusing people if they say they are a church.” “They’re just confusing people!” I think that was the most intelligent summary of heresy I’ve heard in a long time. My oldest daughter and I have these kind of discussions fairly regularly. It’s tough as an adult living in a world increasingly hostile to […]