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I grabbed a few of these via Challies, others I found in my morning run through the news.

The day the bees died Bees are dying off due, it seems to Neonicotinoid products.

You can get Logos for free.  I was asked if it was possible to get Logos 5 for free.  Well, yes, sort of.  The engine is always free.  Hit the link above and download for the operating system of your choice.  Then hit the following links for some freebies.  Logos | Vyrso.

Free at the moment: Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be.

You don’t want to read this. But you should. Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Children and Sex

Arm yourself: Ten Enemy Attacks on Leaders

Burning churches. Egypt isn’t the only country where Christians are being persecuted, but at least it’s getting some headlines. Pray. Pray that our brothers and sisters will be given grace and strength to stand during this terrible time.

Is abortion a breast cancer risk? The question is still up to debate. Meanwhile babies are still dying. Let’s not forget the real and actual cost of abortion.

Expository preaching begins with the preacher’s determination to present and explain the text of the Bible to his congregation. Preach it Dr. Mohler!


What matters most in worship, form or function?

One Sunday I preached a sermon titled “How can I prepare for worship”. The next morning I sat down with our worship musician and we began planning the next week’s worship services but in the process we started talking about worship as it’s done here -vs- worship at it’s essence. The timing was God ordained because we’ve been working on some contemporary music in the evening. But even there we became aware that our focus could (and might?) very easily get out of alignment if it hadn’t already. As we continued to reflect on worship we realized that all the arguments about worship are due to form, rather than function. Generally I think most people to some degree understand the function of worship. In any good design of any given item, product, method or whatever form should follow function (If you disagree stop reading and go read some artsy magazine somewhere else it won’t do you any good to rant on this with me.) I believe the way a worship team builds a worship service should be first with a consideration of it’s function. Therefore the function of worship needs to be clearly stated. As best we can briefly determine the function of worship could be stated this way: To ensure that each one here can express to God the love and admiration they have for him in […]