What’s the coolest thing you can do in Logos 5?

What’s the coolest thing you can do in Logos 5? That’s the question in the Logos forums.


The following is a guest post by Dan Francis via The Post in the Logos Bible Software Forums.

Screen Shot 1



When I start up my Logos (Verbum) I have some of my devotional works placed in the menu bar, below I have my Daily Lectionary highlighted.





Simply clicking on it gives me the readings listed and ready to be read. Screen Shot 2








Screen Shot 3The readings are not only listed but are fully printed out in my default translation for quick and easy reading. After my reading I decide which one I wish to focus on that day for my daily devotional study.Then I start the passage guide and read the passage in a couple other translation (often all five of my default translations that Logos automatically opens).



Screen Shot 4I then expand my commentaries section, and move the commentaries to overlapping scripture windows for more space. I leave the info window open in case I want to look something up. Logos allows one to automatically place foot notes in Word and some other word-processors.

One little trick I use since my devotional journal is more basic is I copy the text I wish to place in my journal and paste it in the command window and then select all and cut it. This gives me the citation info in an open format.



Then from my devotional journal I can easily share what I want on Facebook to friends and family. This is far from the coolest thing one can do in Logos, but it makes my devotional life easier and much quicker.Screen Shot 6