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This is Not a Thyroid Blog

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

But it is a blog affected by Thyroid. My last decade has been deeply affected by thyroid and I had no clue. I stopped blogging, and interacting online over the last few years because I couldn’t muster the energy. Now I’m discovering it was likely all about that bow-tie shaped gland in my neck. The thyroid gland sits below the Adam’s apple on your throat and takes the shape of a bow-tie. (The women call it a butterfly shaped gland, but I prefer bowtie.) Some of the over three hundred (300!) symptoms of Thyroid problems had started affected me terribly. I don’t want to list all of them, but there are a few that became hallmarks of who I am/was. Terrible Memory I imagine at least that I’m a fairly smart guy.  But within the last ten years no matter how smart I think I may be I couldn’t remember anything. My life became one great big worry about the hereafter. Meaning I would constantly walk into a room and wonder what I’m here after. Needing a cup of coffee I would walk into the kitchen with my cup in hand and between my office and the kitchen (less than 10 feet) would forget what I was going in there […]

The lesson of wisdom is, be not dismayed by soul-trouble. Count it no strange thing, but a part of ordinary ministerial experience. C. H. Spurgeon

I’m not a prophet but you can put this on your calendar right now:

Every year right at Easter, and just before Christmas the media will post articles and TV shows calling into question any and every doctrine of Christianity. Their methodology is fairly consistent:

  1. Find a core doctrine to refute (has God really said…?)
  2. Find a liberal scholar who supports the view they want, and ignore any input from conservative Christian scholasticism.
  3. Wrap it up in a sensationalist title and market it as a “secret” that the church has been hiding from the masses.

It is a pattern as old as Genesis 3:

  1. Question (Has God really said…?)
  2. Denial (You won’t really die!)
  3. Fluff your pride (You’ll be just like God…)

The End of Apathy

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

It is the most “sinful” thing I have to say. For an incredibly long time I have struggled with cyclical bouts of intense apathy. I have always believed these bouts to be uprisings of sin within my flesh. Normally accompanied with excessive fatigue, I chastised the “laziness” that had gripped my flesh. So I’d press on till the fog lifted just a little, but I’d quietly fear its return. During these periods my thinking became even more cloudy than normal, even the simplest things slipped my mind. Out of frustration with my own memory problems I frequently joked that if I came down with Alzheimer’s disease, it would take five years for anyone to notice. It’s not funny. I often reasoned in my spirit that if I only had more faith these things would go away! But they never did. Some days I sat in my office unable to so much as move and tried desperately as I called out to God to just wake me up! He never did. During these seasons I functioned only an act of sheer will. I was depressed. I asked my doctor for antidepressants tried them for a few months to no effect and gave up on them.  Maybe I just needed to pray more. […]