An Open Letter to the Boy Scouts of America

An open letter concerning the gutless change regarding adult leadership in Boy Scouts.

President Robert Gates has demonstrated and lead the charge in an assault upon all that is central to Boy Scouts. In the process he has demonstrated that he lacks the virtues of bring a scout and thus forfeits his capacity to lead The Boy Scouts of America.

The national board lead by Mr. Gates is not TRUSTWORTHY.  In the former decision regarding openly gay scouts, Mr. Gates declared that he would not bring the topic up again. He publicly ignored his remarks and brought it up on purpose: Broken promise.

The national office ignored feedback from the other 98% of Americans who are not gay. They asked for no feedback this time but merely stated they were going to make a decision, which they proceeded to do. Further, by ignoring the prior information gathering from scouts and leaders across the country which lead to the initial (still contested) decision, National has demonstrated a complete lack of LOYALTY to scouting charter organizations and scout leaders the majority of which are deeply religious – even if many of those charter organizations are not churches. By stating that they now permit charter organizations to set their own policies, they have done little more than kick the can of responsibility away from themselves, ensuring in as cowardly a manner as possible that organizations without religious affiliation but with religious conviction will have no legal ground to stand upon. National has gutted the conscience of its chartering organizations.

It has been claimed that the policy change was made to save scouting. By capitulating, however, they who would save scouting have undone scouting by not living up to scouting ideals. They have dealt the death blow by their own hands in rejecting core tenets of scouting. It is no stretch to say that if possible, Baden Powell would be rolling over in his grave.

Moreover, by capitulating to the gay lobby after a decision had already been made following over a decade of struggle and winning a supreme court case, Mr. Gates and his fellows have demonstrated a complete lack of BRAVERY. Bravery means doing the right thing even when it is unpopular. It means standing on principle, even if you are certain you’re going to lose because losing your principles is worse than losing a battle. You have taken the easy route of appeasement, not the path of bravery. Appeasement never ends in safety, but serves invariably to hasten the decline it was meant to stay. History bears this out in the person of Neville Chamberlain and his policies of appeasement.

Robert Gates and the national board, by your decision, as did the grossly mistaken Supreme Court, you have claimed a right you do not have to redefine right and wrong. You have descended to the absolutely IRREVERENT position off redefining MORALLY STRAIGHT.

Feel free to dance around the truth all you want, but national has defined itself as neither Trustworthy, Loyal, Brave, nor Reverent. As a whole therefore I deem them unworthy in character to lead the Boy Scouts of America.

I am calling for Mr. Gates’ immediate resignation. I demand a new national board. I will remain a part of scouting in order to protect young impressionable boys from cowards such as yourselves. However, I will not be complicit in your foolishness.  I will not accept gay leaders into any troop of which I am a part. And I will faithfully encourage every like-minded scoutmaster to do the same.

In open defiance I hereby affix my name,
Thomas C. Black