Today I’m Praying

I might be praying for you.

We’ve all seen the video. Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services Deborah Nucatola coldly discusses the selling of various parts of the babies they abort every day. Now PP is apologizing for the tone of Nucatola.

Many of us have also read the blog posts that don’t seem to end. One in particular brought out the uncomfortable truth that “our nation is profoundly schizophrenic on this issue…everyone is outraged because the body parts were sold to traffickers, instead of being thrown into the dumpster.”

When I watched the video I was sickened. I read the blogs and I was enraged. I sat in my office and I cried. I also prayed.

Today I’m still praying.

Today I’m praying for the absolute destruction of Planned Parenthood and all similar entities. I’m praying for a complete reversal of the heart beliefs that allow the slaughter of children to continue, nevermind the sale of body parts – the legalized crime is in the abortion.

But more than all of that. I’m praying for the women, and even the men.

Today I’m praying for the women who have had abortions and are haunted.I’m praying for the man who drove his girlfriend to the abortion clinic, or who never got the chance to stop her, or worse: forced her to go against her will.

Today I’m praying for the Christian girls who were put in a bind between unmet expectations and their unexpected pregnancy. It could stay a secret, they reasoned, and they aborted. The memory never goes away. It hurts. It grinds. It robs you of every joy and leaves you feeling hollow at best. Every January, the sermons on the sanctity of life tear open the scars again.

In fact. Maybe, just maybe I’m praying for you.

Maybe you were an unbeliever when it happened. Maybe you were a believer. You are certain nobody (else) knows. You’re determined that they’ll never find out. And your mind goes black as you imagine what would happen if they did. So you press it down, hide your shame, cover your scars, and when you cry – your silent tears are choked back because you’re afraid that even God… especially God could never, ever really forgive you.

I am praying for you.
I’m praying that you will hear and believe that God can completely forgive you through the blood of Jesus Christ. (Really)

Chances are very good that there is a good Crisis Pregnancy counseling center in your area. Near where I live there is. They have a wonderful program for post abortive women called P.A.C.E. I’m willing to bet that the local crisis pregnancy center for you does as well.  Call them.  They’re used to anonymity. They’ll treat you with respect and care.

Can’t do that? Let me pray for you by name. If you don’t know who to talk to, talk to me. Go ahead and send me an email via the contact form. If you’re afraid to use the form, use my name tcblack and my website domain.

I will not judge you. I will not rail against you. I will listen to you. I will pray for you. I’ll probably weep with you. I will still love you as a being made in God’s image.

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