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Death and Taxes

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series The Gospel of Luke

Death and Taxes. They are unavoidable. How many of you rejoiced when the middle of April came around again and you filed your paperwork with your Uncle Sam? Note too many of us. How deeply we would all love for God to tell us that it was right to not pay these onerous taxes which will invariably be used to pay for abortions, fund planned parenthood, line the pockets of corrupt politicians and their bedfellows, support causes and programs we could never support as Christians, enforce the LGBTQ agenda, and even increase the capacity of government to strip away more God given freedoms and lead our country further into decay. If my taxes will be used to fund such debauchery should we pay them? What then if we were to discover that our taxes are being used to further the belief that our president is a deity, or to support lavish orgies, and the wrongful enslavement of other cultures? For these were issues added to our own which were faced by the first century Jews as at the point of a sword they were forcibly taxed and made to pay the wicked Roman empire. As a result a great argument raged over whether or not it was right to pay […]