FDD08 In His Presence

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In Revelation 1:20 reveals something phenomenal. John was exiled on Patmos because preaching the gospel had gotten unpopular.  It always went against the culture, but, in an increasingly familiar twist, now the culture went against the gospel.

Does that sound familiar?  Not long ago the church struggled to communicate the necessity of the gospel in a religious society.  Then it struggled to communicate the uniqueness in a religiously pluralistic society. Now it struggles to communicate the gospel in a religiously hostile society.  In other words we’ve gone from thinking everybody knew the gospel, to thinking everyone misunderstands the gospel, to thinking everyone is against the gospel.

Had Jesus abandoned his church?  What was God doing while the church was struggling? Before the curtain rolls back to reveal the future, John  sees instead something even more astounding: Jesus as he is.

Glorious? Yes. Praise Him for that.

Amazing? Yes. Praise Him for that.

Present?  Oh, Yes.  Jesus is present in his church.  In his right hand, the place of authority, power, grace, and  utility Jesus holds his messengers in the church – the pastors, preachers, teachers, and proclaimers of his word.  Moreoever, when John turned around the first thing he saw was seven lampstands (v12), these are the churches, and Jesus walks among them.

The majestic Christ is in the midst of His church! We do not come into his presence when we come to the building that houses our worship, we are already in his presence and we unite in worship.

Come. Let us worship Jesus.

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