FDD11 Waiting on God – Isaac

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Isaac was a child of promise (Genesis 21).  Abraham’s faith had finally been fulfilled, but Isaac’s had to develop (Gen 22) just like ours.  When he grew older, his mother died, and his father arranged his marriage.  It is here at the approach of his bride that we get our first and only fleeting glimpse of Isaac’s faith.

And Isaac went out to meditate in the field toward evening. …” (Genesis 24:63, ESV)

While debated, the word translated “Meditate” has the idea of wandering around.  At best then, it seem Isaac was wandering around and praying. At worst, he was walking in circles.  Yet God’s blessing still comes to Isaac.

Ultimately, Isaac received the promise of God (Gen 26:3-5).  God’s blessing rolled downhill.  Isaac shows us that our own faithfulness affects the blessing of the children – thus our faithfulness today affects the generations that follow.

We are not merely praying for God’s next for us today, we are seeking for today and tomorrow. As we wait on God with desperate prayers, pray not just for ourselves, but let us pray for our children and grandchildren.

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