FDD19 God Answered

This entry is part 19 of 27 in the series Fifty Days of Desperation

The book of Joshua could have been a record of flawless victory, but it wasn’t.  When Jericho fell, Achan took something that had been placed under the ban, and they lost the next battle at AI. Joshua, and the elders of Israel fell immediately into a fully prone prayer position and stayed there until evening seeking and praying for God’s intervention.

Then God answered.

So the Lord said to Joshua, “Rise up! Why is it that you have fallen on your face?” (Joshua 7:10, NASB95)

The response seems odd except that the succeeding verses fall in line with previous scripture. They had entered into covenant with God, and the conditions of breaking that covenant including losing in battle.  In other words, the results they were experiencing were already spelled out in scripture.

Before we make, “Get rid of the sin and walk in victory.” the only application of the text, consider our situation, and let us begin asking the question: What do the scriptures already say about our situation?

Open our eyes to see what is right before us. Help us to see what you’ve already told us. Now let our desperation for answers turn into desperation for action based upon your word.

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