Personal Books

Personal books are books that users can download and compile into their favorite software. I would like to provide a docx, lbxoeb, PDF, and html of every resource if possible.

Personal Books Restored and Updated 4

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So many users have contributed personal books of nearly every variety for Logos Bible Software. Below is the master tree that will take you to all of them. Take note that there are different file types for differing versions of Logos. Logos 3 takes the *.lbxoeb format for personal books. Logos 4 and up take the *.docx format. I will endeavor over time to get each author their own page, but for now you should be able to access everything right here. Enjoy browsing.  [wpfilebase tag=browser id=112 /]

Books by Alexander Campbell

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Alexander Campbell (12 September 1788 – 4 March 1866) was a Bible teacher, minister, and leader in a church planting movement of independent and pre-denominational congregations that is historically known in America as the Restoration Movement, and by some as the “Stone-Campbell Movement. Wikipedia