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Luke 20:1-8 Whose Authority?

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This Sermon’s Video Link   “A rebuke goes deeper into one who has understanding Than a hundred blows into a fool.” (Proverbs 17:10, NASB95) Even a misplaced rebuke can make a wise man consider carefully. But a fool will reject discipline altogether. What is your attitude towards being corrected? How interested are you in discovering when you’ve been wrong? If you were wrong about doctrine, would you want to know it? If you were wrong about God would you want to know it? If you were wrong about Jesus would you want to know it? Or would you rather say, “It has always been this way”? Would you prefer to harden your heart against an uncomfortable truth, or would you humble yourself and let the pain of being corrected create repentance and change? In today’s text, in Luke 20:1-8, Jesus encounters again the Scribes, The Chief priests, and the Elders – the three groups that describe the highest leadership of Israel: The Sanhedrin, and they come with a question. Their question is deceptive in the way that accusing questions can be. They are not interested in truth but rather they are looking only to confirm their bias. And when given the chance to come gently, they harden their resolve against Jesus. […]

Luke 12:13-34 Give Away Your Greed To Relocate Your Heart

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Also Read: Exodus 16:1-26 2 Cor 8; 1 Timothy 6:6-10, 17-19.   Fill in this blank: If I only had <blank /> I would be happy. Most people, when they hear that prompt are inclined to think of something financial. The extravagant may want millions, while the more practical may desire only enough to get by. Whatever financial condition we may find ourselves in, the Lord has something to say about it. The key to all of it is the question of “where does God fit into the mix?” What we do with money is ultimately not about money, it’s about God. Both lack of money and fullness of wealth form the backbone of Jesus’ instructions on money in the twelfth chapter of Luke.  Please stand with me as you are able and turn to the Gospel of Luke 12:13-35. Misusing Money We tend to think that money and worldly goods are for our benefit. But money is actually a tool which can either be used for our own glory or for God’s glory. What we do with money is ultimately not about money, it’s about God. The story begins with someone in the crowd asking Jesus to become an arbiter between he and his brother regarding inheritance. Now, there […]

Luke 1:1-4 Foundation of the Faith – So That You May Know

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This morning we are beginning a fresh study in the Gospel of Luke.  It has long been my desire to study our Lord Jesus’ life and only now has God’s leading taken me in this direction, and I am excited.  I’ve been steeping myself increasingly in the third gospel with pleasure, allowing it’s words and accounts to wash over me in its ebb and flow.  This morning I invite you into a fantastic faith building journey through the gospel of Luke. Begin at the Beginning Let’s begin with the first four verses of Luke, which in some respects is nothing more than an introduction but it also serves as an important statement of purpose. Imagine receiving a scroll of some considerable length, fortunately it’s all rolled up so you begin by unraveling the first few inches just to see what’s in it.  In fact you would be hoping that you’ll be able to figure it out in the first few inches or else it becomes a massive undertaking to unroll and re-roll the scroll to peruse the whole thing just to figure out what it was about. Not many would pick up a featureless book and read through several chapters to figure out its purpose.  Fortunately for us, books have […]