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Reading Schaeffer

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Considering how prescient I’ve found some of Francis Schaeffer’s works to be of late, I thought that I should accomplish a task I once set out upon and never completely finished.  Namely: Reading the entirety (as much as I am able) of Francis Schaeffer’s writings. Where better to start than with The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer? It’s a bit pricey if you obtain it from Amazon, somehow I managed to snag a copy for Logos Bible Software along the way it doesn’t appear to be available through them at the moment. I don’t intend to do a page by page analysis at all, but merely to share along the way various quotes, thoughts, and personal epiphanies.  I’ll make no arguments about it, I like Schaeffer and have since I first heard him talk about “true truth” who knows how long ago. It was in a recording so I don’t even think he was still alive at the time. My enjoyment of Francis Schaeffer came late, but not too late. So join me if you desire, read along, post some comments, whichever.  At least it feels like I just might be back to blogging as I work through reading a man who gave his life to trying to understand. […]