Who is buying all these Body Parts?

John Stonestreet gives a fine reprisal of the situation as it stands with Planned Parenthood’s murder spree. Unless you’ve been completely unplugged for the last several months, you know about the undercover Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. These videos show Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of fetal body parts procured during abortions and admitting that they had altered the abortion procedures in order to procure those parts. On air and in front of Congress, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has denied that the organization ever profited via such transactions—but the videos tell a different story.Now Richards, after withering publicity, congressional scrutiny, state investigations, and calls for the federal government to defund the organization, says that Planned Parenthood will no longer take any money for fetal tissue used for medical research. Source: Planned Parenthood Changes Its Plans, But We Do not OK, so they’re not going to sell any more body parts.  Now they’ll just dismember babies and throw them away.  And we’re supposed to be fine with that?  I don’t think so. … For more information see: Answering the Arguments for Planned Parenthood. … Somewhere along the line I realized that few people seem concerned with the other end of the story.  just exactly who […]

We are in Big Trouble

I originally posted this on September 23, 2005 it’s still accurate. Make no mistake about it, God is not going to hold this country guiltless. The United states is in big trouble for it’s shedding of innocent blood. Peering through the pages of the Old Testament we’re tempted to declare that we don’t recognize that Old God because the OT appears to be so full of judgment. That merely displays our ignorance. The Old testament tells a long story of continuous rebellion. And it tells the story of a merciful God pleading for centuries like a parent pleads with his children for His people to repent. Ultimately they would not choose obedience and they had to be punished. First the nation of Israel and then the southern nation of Judah were utterly destroyed, leveled to the ground.It was the particular nature of their disobedience that caused such a terrible end. Jeremiah recounts the reasons in the 19th chapter. Jeremiah 19:3-6 3 “…Hear the word of the LORD, O kings of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem: thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, “Behold I am about to bring a calamity upon this place, at which the ears of everyone that hears of it will tingle. “Because they […]

Today I’m Praying

I might be praying for you. We’ve all seen the video. Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services Deborah Nucatola coldly discusses the selling of various parts of the babies they abort every day. Now PP is apologizing for the tone of Nucatola. Many of us have also read the blog posts that don’t seem to end. One in particular brought out the uncomfortable truth that “our nation is profoundly schizophrenic on this issue…everyone is outraged because the body parts were sold to traffickers, instead of being thrown into the dumpster.” When I watched the video I was sickened. I read the blogs and I was enraged. I sat in my office and I cried. I also prayed. Today I’m still praying. Today I’m praying for the absolute destruction of Planned Parenthood and all similar entities. I’m praying for a complete reversal of the heart beliefs that allow the slaughter of children to continue, nevermind the sale of body parts – the legalized crime is in the abortion. But more than all of that. I’m praying for the women, and even the men. Today I’m praying for the women who have had abortions and are haunted.I’m praying for the man who drove his girlfriend to the abortion clinic, or who never got the chance to stop her, […]