Thinking About a Smartwatch

It seems these days that the tech firms are all starting to figure out how they are going to make a smart watch that connects to my phone. They assume too much. I don’t want a watch that connects to my phone. I want a watch that replaces my phone. So far I have only seen one on the market that fits that bill, the Neptune Pine. Supposedly it’s shipping in January, but it still looks too big to me. But, of course, I wouldn’t mind testing a live unit. What do I want to do with it? Everything I do with my cell phone, except drop it, lose it, and juggle it. So what should a watch that is everything do? GPS and the matching software to record my runs, as well as give me directions. Cellular Signal I don’t care if it prefers AT&T or Sprint or whomever, as long as I get signal. Bluetooth: Because I’m sure not going to talk to my wrist like Dick Tracy, at least not very often. Give me a very small bluetooth ear device and I’m good. Speakerphone?  Well maybe. It could have a speakerphone built in for those times when I need it.  But most of the time wouldn’t the bluetooth earpiece be […]