Sentence Diagrams for Ephesians

Dominic Mahon from www.fanintoflames.co.uk churned out a series of sentence diagrams on the NLT version of Ephesians and posted them to the Logos Newsgroups.
I’ve included the Libronix versions (save to “My documents/Libronix dls/SentenceDiagrams”) as well as PDF versions for those who don’t have the diagramming add-in.

Sentence diagrams are not the same as the diagrams most of us did in school. Then we were concerned about the type of brackets to use with an adverb or a subject predicate. Sentence diagrams concern themselves with larger sentence units. The flow of thought is preeminent. The goal of a sentence diagram is to give the reader an even more visual sense of the authors thought flow.
Thanks Dominic!