The Key To Leviticus

I had a wonderful letter in my inbox this morning, Subject: Leviticus I hate to be ignorant, but I am. Ignorant about unimportant things like opera, but unfortunately I am always feeling I am missing Biblical things too. I’ve worked through Leviticus as part of my Bible study recently, but for me it seemed as much work as anything – glad I don’t have to do all the ceremonial offerings and cleansings, wondering why it is so unfair to the wives suspected without evidence of unfaithfulness, and thinking what a production the tabernacle must have been with two million people trying to bring guilt offerings and sin offerings and thank offerings and whatnot all with a single altar. So what is it that makes Leviticus so cool? By the way, Leviticus and Deuteronomy are supposed to be Bob Dylan’s favorite books of the Bible. For what it’s worth. Thanks for writing. Leviticus as a book has been much maligned by Christians in large part because the first several chapters are laced with blood, guts and strict descriptions concerning animal sacrifice’s the purpose of which we usually don’t know. Go on and you have selections where skin diseases are described tedium-ad-nauseam. And it just gets “better.” That however is the surface […]

Luke 24:27