The Great Consumation

The Great Consummation

    A new enquiry into the Doctrine of the Second Advent being an Examination of every relevant passage in the New Testament, Including:—

  1. A searching analysis of the Prophetic Teachings of the Scofield bible Two Phases or One?
  2. The Millennium—the teaching of Christ and the Apostles.
  3. The Covenants—Meaning and Fulfilment.
  4. The Throne and House of David.
  5. The restoration of Israel—How and When?
  6. The rebuilding of the Temple.
  7. Judgement Seat of Christ and the Great Judgement.
  8. Interpretation of O.T. Prophecy—and Sure Apostolic Example.
  9. Revelation 20—A searching Examination and Exposition.
  10. Completely New Exposition of the Hebrew Epistle.
  11. False Sects—Their Common Basic Error and the Bible’s Answer.
  12. A Book for every Bible Student and “All who love His Appearing.”

This Work has been produced as a Result of the Author’s own experience whereby the Traditions he had Received and had Taught for Years were completely shattered by One Thing Alone:—
The Illuminating Power of the Sacred Scriptures in presenting this book to the public the author asks two things of the reader.


A willingness to consider and weigh an exposition of scripture that may differ from that now held and to honestly search for truth.


This book must be read with the Bible at its side. It is all about the Bible and nothing else, with scores of passages examined and expounded.
Bible Classes and study groups will find abundant material for many months of helpful discussion.

The End Is Near

Do you want to know the future? We dare not commit idolatry and consult the stars, the spirits or the lines on our hands but we do have a sure path to knowing the future by looking through the scriptures and discovering what they teach. I’ve titled the message “The end is near” but it could just as well be titled “The beginning is near” because the end of this age is the inauguration of the next age in which Jesus rules. This morning I want to help you be holy. This morning I want to help you transfix your minds on the return of Jesus Christ.