Remembering Christ

Paul records for us the words of Jesus in 1 Corinthians 11. Verses 23-26 Jesus tells us that when we eat the bread we are supposed to eat it in remembrance of Him. And when we drink the cup, we are to drink it in remembrance of Him. Furthermore, as often as we eat the bread of Christ’s broken body, and as often as we drink the cup we are proclaiming the death of Christ. Remember Christ. What does it mean to “remember” Christ? Four Years ago today, over 3000 Americans were killed in an Islamic attack on The Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and more still in a Pennsylvanian field – where a third attack -probably headed for Washington DC was averted. Flags will be flown at half staff and people will pause again to remember those who died on that day. These observances give us a glimpse at what it means to remember Christ in the Communion service. Why do we want to remember the events of 9/11? Because remembering them – reminds us of the reason for so much of what we are doing today! Do you remember the feeling in your gut when you heard a second plane had hit the World Trade Center? Instinctively we recognized […]