The Greatness of our Need

Some of my fondest memories as a child involve the sears catalog.  

That thing was massive!  Every year, my mother would hand me a pen and instruct me to flip through and to circle anything I wanted and write my name next to it.  Dutifully and with excessive glee I would flop down on the floor in front of the fireplace and turn with trembling fingers to the toy section.  Oh the bliss of those afternoons searching for toys that I couldn’t wait to uncover Christmas morning.  It’s a shame that the sears catalog is no longer the behemoth it once was; clicking the wishlist on Amazon just doesn’t have the same tangible thrill to me today.  With the book fully marked and every toy page covered in circles I would wait eagerly till Christmas morning.  

Now to be fair, I did get some toys on Christmas morning but the assortment under the tree was always paltry compared to the selection in the catalog.  Hindsight informs me that my parents were both loving and generous but invariably Christmas morning would arrive not merely with a much smaller collection of things that I wanted but always seemed to include with it a passel of items I needed but did not necessarily want. Every Christmas I was certain to find things like jeans that covered my ankles and lacked the holes I was prone to putting in them, shirts to replace the ones I had outgrown and the most dreadful yet needful Christmas present of all: socks and underwear!

The Greatness of our Fall

It is now twenty days till Christmas. In a scant three weeks the hustle of the season will be over and for good or for ill, wrapping paper will litter the floor and we’ll be coming home from Morning worship to settle into a long Christmas day of celebration. We who dwell in these days have the freedom to anticipate the day of Christ’s birth. But imagine living in need of his coming and not knowing when it will be. In a sense we have a taste of that because we are waiting for his return. But if you examine our lives for the most part you will find that we do not really need his coming. We are content to live our lives on the confines of this earth – fallen though it is; and though our thoughts turn however frequently to the return of Christ; that return is often hoped for as little more than an opportunity to escape some discomfort in this life rather than because we have a deep seated longing to be righteous with him forever.
The reason for this spiritual laxity in our own lives is perhaps the same reason for the spiritual laxity in those who do not know Christ. The more that we who know Him are aware of the greatness of our salvation; the more we will be moved to worship Him. In the same way, the more that those who do not know him become more aware of their desperate need of salvation – the greater will be their hunger to come to Him.
The Greatness of our fall defines the greatness of our need for the greatness of our Savior. So this morning let’s go back to the beginning in order to plumb the depths of the greatness of our Fall and by seeing the greatness of our need we will see the greatness of our savior.

We were created to be with God & Share in His Glory