Irons Up

Iron Maiden’s New Old Music and the Quest for Eternity

Grandiose and epic. That’s the feeling I hadĀ as I listened to a band I haven’t listened to for almost thirty years. I wasn’t listening to an old album, but a brand new one. Still, within the first few notes of the first song I heard on youtube, my ears recognized Iron Maiden. It was the same driving rhythm, same guitar, and wait… really? Same vocalist? I did a bit of reading and there’s been all kinds of changes and restorations in Iron Maiden. Apparently as any metal head would know – and I didn’t, Bruce Dickinson left for awhile but came back. To my ears untainted with anything since “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” (1988) I was impressed and somewhat surprised to hear they had retained their very signature sound. The Book Of SoulsĀ sounds like every Iron Maiden I used to love. Now, what kind of preacher listens to bands like Iron Maiden? It’s a funny question to consider since, for years, I wouldn’t. I’m actually not sure I do today – though for a few days I did. Let’s suffice it to say that, spiritually speaking, there are parts of my teen years I don’t want to revisit. When I turned to Christ in repentance back then – […]