The Family’s Function Toward God

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We’ve just spent 10 weeks together working through how the different members of the family should function towards one another.  The family is the most vital building block of society, not only because it’s first in line, but because the family is a direct reflection of the godhead.  Our God: Father, Son and Spirit is one God operating in perfect communion.  The Father sends the Son, and the Father and Son send the Spirit.  God the son submits to the father in full equality – as does the Spirit of God.  How Christian family members function towards one another is supposed to be a visible representation of the nature and Character of God on Earth. The summary of relationships is simple and demands a repeat. Husbands bear the chief responsibility in their homes.  A godly man will sacrificially Love, Lead, Live with and Laugh with His wife.  He will honor her, protect her, guide her towards Christ, and provide for her every emotional, spiritual and physical need.  Husbands, Love your wife as Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior Loves the church. Wives, you in turn are commanded to Submit to, Support and Strengthen your husband’s position of leadership in the home. Parents are commanded to bring your children up in […]

Husband To Wife -Part 2

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Nobody would doubt that we live in a world and in a culture which desperately needs to see Jesus. Notice the theme of the songs this morning all revolving around the concept “I want to see Jesus!” I can think about Christians are supposed to reflect the character of God to the world around them, and one of the ways in which the Lord has chosen to reveal himself apart from scripture is through Families  committed to faithfully living out His word. Faithful Families begin with the relationship of the husband to his wife. And we continue that theme today. Gentlemen if we’re going to have faithful families that function in accordance with God’s revealed nature and Character than we’re going to need to apply this particular text because it – more than many others – binds together the concepts of the Character and work of Jesus Christ with that of marriage. Take a look at this text; which you ought to be familiar with in Ephesians 5:25-33. Love Her and sacrifice for her Eph 5:22-ff Last week we ended with this admonition from Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church… ” The place where we ended then is the most logical place to pick up […]