A Handful of Inspirational Media Sites

Hard to believe another year is already upon us! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more here on a regular basis. Good news is while I’ve been “on vacation”, I’ve picked up some excellent topics to blog about, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the wealth of new information that’s coming.

To gradually get back into the swing of blogging, I decided to kick off my first post of the New Year on a lighter note mentioning a few inspirational media sites that can help you spend more time in the Word of God while listening to some solid Biblical teaching. I frequently listen to a couple of these as I get the chance, and I hope they’ll be a blessing to you as well.

Toccoa Falls Radio. Toccoa Falls Radio is a radio station about 20-30 minutes from where I live, and the station broadcasts inspirational programs such as Dr. Charles Stanley and Adrian Rogers. It’s a nice little radio station with an online live feed, great for turning in to quick, random inspiration from some excellent pastors.

Israel 60 Years From Now

Time just published 12 peoples’ predictions of what Israel will be like in 60 years…,28804,1737905_1737904,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

It appears none of the chosen “prophets” see God’s hand in the future, even from an exclusively OT perspective…

Still, what do YOU think Israel will be like?

I think the Lord’s Day is coming much, much sooner than that, but if it does not come before then, I think there will be a hostle state (war?) between Israel and the rest of the world (including the USA)… I think it will be a dark time for all the world, and they wll be looking for someone to blame for it… I don’t think Israel will get nuked, but I could see them literally going into captivity again…


If you’ve never watched this video, you probably should carve out a few minutes to do so. My sister sent me this link months ago with all sorts of exhortations to watch it. “Yeah I will…” I said. I finally did.

The Song is “Everything” by (as far as I can tell) a secular band called Lifehouse. (site)