Trying to Pick a Newsreader

As of now, I’ve tried every RSS reader I can get my hands on, some of them were: Abilon I actually used this one first but knew there had to be more. I liked it but I want power. Active Refresh is the pay version of Abilon so I didn’t try it. aggie (I actually kind of liked aggie because it was simple, but it lacks so many features. Amphetadesk Is nice but I feel like I want more control without the confusion. Awasu I didn’t use this one because the free version limits me to 100 feeds. blogexpress bottomfeeder So far I like most of it with one or two beefs in the UI and that’s about it. Bottomfeeder is really close to being my favorite, but it lacks some intuitiveness. CustomReader not bad but kinda bare bones. Feedreader It’s kind of simplistic but if I wanted simple this would be the one I’d pick. Feed Demon This is a pay item so I didn’t mess with it. Great News I like this one it actually is pretty slick. klipfolio Too many system resources and too “pretty” but less functional for me. Lektora Embeds itself in your browser- yech! Newzie – Way cartoony – Overly busy and harder to do what I want. Just don’t like it-yech! Nutshell – nice and easy but […]