Praying For The Prodigals

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During the month of November, we will be walking in prayer through the scriptures in prayer for the prodigals. This series of prayer prompters is provided by on their November prayer calendar, and augmented each day by additional comments drawn from my own devotion time, sites like and as well as various authors I have been reading. Because the Remind app I use for our prayer requests only gives me 140 characters, I will be attaching a web link to each day in order to make reading the entire thing possible whether you are on your phone on the go or your computer at home. Please do take the time to read them. And then prayerfully speak with God about and through them. So who is this prodigal we are praying for? The word itself just means “wastefully extravagant” (COED) The Nelson’s Bible Dictionary entry on the prodigal reads like this: PRODIGAL — reckless and extravagant. When Jesus told the parable of the two lost sons, He devoted the first part of the story to the younger son who “wasted his possessions with prodigal living” (Luke 15:13; dissolute living, NRSV, loose living, NASB; riotous living, KJV; wild living, NIV). The lesson of the prodigal son is that […]