Luke 20:9-19 Rebellion’s Deadly Consequence

  It is garden season.  Many gardeners are more adept and diligent than I am. As regarding my own garden, it is often a fruitless effort. But for a good gardener, planting a garden comes with a quite reasonable expectation of sharing in its produce.  How much more for any of our farmers around here who plant their fields in hope. Of course we all know that it is in no way unusual to lease land from another and to plant it, with a further understanding that a portion of the produce will go to the landowner as well. What would happen to you if you agreed to terms on such a field, planted it, ultimately harvested it, but in the day that payment was due, you kept the proceeds for yourself? It is not too hard to imagine the results ranging from confrontation to legal action to forcible recompense. In the days of Christ’s earthly ministry, the upper Jordan Valley, the shores of Galilee and more consisted of estates owned by foreigners who lived far away but who rented out their land for production.  Those who were left to run the business had free reign to do as they will as long as the payments came in – no […]