Community Roundtable

Welcome I wish to welcome everyone here this evening. As we begin, I would like to establish one reasonable ground rule for our discussion, and attempt to frame our discussion with a review and update of the current situation as it stands (insofar as I know anyway). The Current Situation I invited both the school superintendent, and the High school Principal. Both felt, unfortunately, they would be sitting here with targets on their foreheads. Nevertheless I will pass on what I know.  I will likewise hope to speak with them privately about tonight’s meeting. At CAM The original Roundtable at CAM was called (AFAIK) to address a specific situation. The discussion format of the meeting was changed because some CAM parent had called the news, and it was determined not to let the media turn this into a circus. The advocate from Phoenix center, generally and specifically councils students, for their safety, to use their biologically gendered facilities. The School has put in place a private unisex bathroom /changing room down the Gregory hall, it is available for any and every student to use, no matter what. Students that wish to use that facility may – as I understand it – tell their teacher without repercussion that they may be […]